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Bastidor. Public swimming pool competition in Vilagarcía de Arousa,

Galicia. October 2020. Together with Fernando Cremades, Juan Muñoz and Luis Turreira.


Our inspiration for this project were orthogonal structure tanks stranded on the Galician coast, that allow the natural cultivation of shellfish. These structures merge into the landscape preserving its essence and creating a natural submerged atmosphere with which

Bastidor aims to conversate with.


Bastidor is a robust infrastructure composed by two interdependent bodies, supported by the equipment of the swimming pool. The introduction of the beams and the retractable textile enhance the potential multiple uses of Bastidor during low season.


We would like to present the project as an extension of the sea where the swimming pool’s architecture frames the horizon and landscape, understanding the natural environment in a different way.

DIAGRAMA-Flex (5)-3.jpg
DIAGRAMA-Flex (5)-5.jpg
DIAGRAMA-Flex (5)-4.jpg
DIAGRAMA-Flex (5)-1.jpg
PLANIMETRIA_1.250 (4)-4.jpg
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