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Social Housing competition in Alcoy, Valencia, Spain.

8th rank

April 2021. Together with Fernando Cremades.


We wanted  to adapt to the site, to ally ourselves with its geometry and to achieve a singular volume. Enhacing layouts, proportions, flexibility and housing innovation.

To achieve our goal we  follow 3 strategies:

- An outer ring absorbs the irregularities. This system will democratize all living spaces creating possible "expansion spaces". These spaces can be used as an extension of the interior space of the dweling or as a porch, working as a thermal regulator.

- Homogenization fo the rooms: All the rooms have the same size. The user can configure them by addition or subtraction according to his needs.

- An inner ring contains the wet rooms.

The vernacular architecture of Alcoy has construction systems such as rammed earth and wooden structures. Our direction will be to update them to the new needs with a structure of cross laminated wood and the introduction of compressed earth blocks. This construction system will seek the standardization and the recovery of local industry.

planta tipo.jpg
piedra blanca.jpg
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