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Cedric Price, The capacity of linkages, en Marini, Sara. Architettura parassita. Macerata

HYPER-TXONTA, Europan 17, Guipuzkoa, Spain.

2nd prize

2023. Together with Garbizu Collar Architects and Diego Sologuren.

HYPER-TXONTA is a model for the regeneration of industrial constructions that arises from the study of a specific territorial context that shares common features with its built environment. It is constituted as a decalogue that considers that the industrial heritage of the Basque region contains a strong potential for transformation and adaptation to the new architectural and urban paradigms. Due to its adaptability and flexibility, it can be exported to a broader casuistry within the territory.

Following the logic and operating principles of industrial constructions, and works as a multi-layered connective and integrative system. Since it is conceived as modular, changeable and scalable, it can be applied totally or partially according to each case study. Our proposal presents a series of urban, climatic and typological strategies responding to new anthropogenic perceptions.

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Hyper Txonta 2.jpg
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