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Mica Aurea, Competition for the Rehabilitation and Extension of the Royal Academy of Spain, Rome, Italy.

3rd prize

January 2022. Together with Kal-a, Adrián Paterna and Jorge Palomero.


The monumental complex of San Pietro in Montorio has left, over the centuries, a characteristic imprint, written in the historical plans of Rome and responding directly to the morphological and urban traces of the Gianicolo hill. The main aspiration of the proposal is to reformulate and modernize the spaces of the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome, updating the public spaces and gardens of the complex. To promote this goal, we have created 3 main actions:

- Condensanting program to liberate the landscape and public spaces.

- Restoring the original facade, terraces, and views.

- Creating a new topography  that homogenizes the existing differences between the exterior and interior

piedra blanca.jpg
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