El ex-terremoto de Atcocha, Madrid, 2022

Together with Sol Caride

Formerly "The earthquake of Atocha". The clients suggest us to renovate it with two classic premises and a new one: Speed, minimum cost and 2 bricklayers to make it happen; Arturo and Denis.

The strategy will be guided by the preexistences. Avoiding a new finish, we propose to clean and recover the layers that have been added throughout the 20th century. Once cleaned, contemporary elements will be introduced.

Powders, cement block and stainless steel will be the 3 main elements of the renovation. Arturo and Denis will give them shape avoiding the obsession of overdesigning. The new bar is born as a palimpsest where history coexists with contemporary elements that reflect its own history.

Photos by: Sol Caride

piedra blanca.jpg