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Sifting the Espolón, Concéntrico 06 Festival, Logroño, 2020.

2nd Prize

Until the end of the 17th century, the Paseo del Espolón was occupied by a series of huts and farm gardens where farmers cultivated. During the plowing process, farmers ran into rocks and stones that they separated and accumulated to later use them in the construction of vernacular architecture.

This project aims to reinterpret this selective process through a vertical sieve. A sample of local ‘farmland’ stones will be sifted creating an umbracle whose games of light and shadow will be framed by the sky.

Sifting the Espolón invites citizens to reflect on the origins of this place through a contemplative experience, in which the role of the spectator and the architect converge, allowing the participants to create their own narrative and meditate on the origin and recent alterations of the places we inhabit.

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